Board of Directors Meeting – March 19, 2018

Marymoor Trails
Board of Directors Meeting
March 19, 2018

The meeting convened at 6:30PM at the residence of Linda O’Hara, #133.  Attending were Michael Niksa, President; Van Chesnutt, Landscape; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; and Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management.  Josh Gibson was unable to attend due to international travel.

An owner wishes to replace some of the windows in his unit.  The proposed windows are basically the same style as recently installed in other units.  Tim notes we have the same restrictions on this approval as on previous units – owner is liable for water leaks, for water getting behind the siding, etc.  The owner also had a question about putting in a gas fireplace insert.  Owner will scope it out and bring any questions or issues to the next meeting.   If we have a problem that traces back to your windows or your fireplace, it is your responsibility.  The Board voted to approve window modification. Official forms to be sent to owner by Morris Management.


  • Our tax return has been sent in to the IRS, per Tim.
  • Approval of transfer from reserves into operating account for ongoing maintenance projects.
  • Everything is in good shape financially; we are accumulating money at this time of year.


  • New rain gutters – If residents see issues with the new gutters, such as water running over, runoff missing the gutters, etc., please contact Tim or one of the BOD. These gutters have a 20-year warranty.  We need to know about these issues and will quickly contact the installers for warranty service.
  • Painting – Tim will get us on Casa Bonita’s schedule earlier in the summer this year. Casa Bonita will evaluate buildings and recommend 1-2 to do this year. Scott from Casa Bonita will come out to evaluate the buildings. We will compare their recommendation with our historical painting records and select buildings to paint in the upcoming months.


  • Van delivered a comprehensive report on 4 buildings – I, L, M, N.
    • The first order of Bodine work was exploratory (completed in 2017) – they installed cleanouts and inspected building drains. Now we know what needs to be done. The following is the proposed second phase.
  • Bldg N
    • Two issues: (1) repair a pipe separation; (2) roots in footer drains need cleaning out between N and M.  Estimated cost:  $3500 for both items.  The BOD approved work to be done immediately.
  • Bldg M
    • Two issues: (1) Downspout drain needs roots cleaned out.  (2) Cleanout of building foundation drains.  Estimated cost:  $3500 for both items.  The BOD approved work to be done immediately.
  • Bldg L
    • Drainage from Bldg I is impacting drainage for Bldg L.
    • Issue (1): Need to rooter to clean outroots on the south side of L, between L and M where the new cleanouts were installed in 2017.  These pipes may need to be replaced, but we are not too concerned as it is a short distance.
      Estimated cost: $2000. Deferred to summer.
    • (2): A new interceptor drain on west side of L is proposed to catch water that runs down the hill from I-J-K on the surface.  The original drain is of poor quality. The proposed drain will have more inputs and be of higher quality pipe and run directly into storm system.  Estimated cost:  $15,000.  Requires annual servicing for $1000.  Defer to summer or later.
  • Bldg I
    • Issue (1): There is a location where the pipe is crushed under the ground in the front between 133 and 134 and the water will not flow through.  Estimated repair cost:  $1600.  Defer to summer.
    • Issue (2): There are underground water drains from I and J that come down behind L.  These original pipes installed by the builder just stop at the rock wall, with no way to direct runoff anywhere.  It’s flowing right into the retaining wall.  Need to extend existing outlet pipe, circumvent the wall and tie it into the storm drain.  Van proposes we do not mess with this in the wet season.
      Estimated cost:  $2700.   Defer to summer.
    • Issue (3): Northeast corner of the building, facing mailboxes and driveway there is the need to replace about 65’ of buried drain pipe.  The whole pipe (5’ underground) is crushed and needs to be replaced to get water away from the buildings properly. –
      Estimated cost:  $5400. Defer to summer.

In summary, we are spending about $7000 to fix drains around M and N now.  The remaining issues around I and L we will spread out, with estimated cost approximately $27,000. We will add $1000 annual maintenance to next year’s budget for the Bldg L interceptor drain.

General Landscaping:  An arborist will fertilize selected trees and look at the big hole in the tree near Bldg N.  If we can fix that tree and fertilize, it will be good.

Bldg G fire alarm panel – TYCO is still working with City of Redmond for permitting the replacement.  Replacing it is required and will be $7000 when it comes up.


  • Board approved 3 year Reserve Study contract. Tim expressed to Association Reserves that we are disappointed that they would not work with us last year to build a report that accurately reflects the way we perform repairs.  We have received assurance that next time when they come out, they will walk around with a board member to make sure it reflects the way we are doing business.  Our Reserve Study continues to call for much more cash to be held in reserves than what we currently haveAuditors who perform this legally-required study believe we should have $1.4-1.7 million on hand to replace the siding on all buildings – all at once.  We strongly disagree.  We have been investing $30K per year to replace siding on an as-needed basis.  Our siding is in good shape.  Josh, Van and Michael will accompany reserve study inspectors in 2018 and discuss.
  • Resident reports dog-walkers are allowing their pets to poop on the lawn in front of his unit. We will post a sign at the mailboxes reminding residents to please clean up after their dogs.  There is very little we can do if the offenders are from neighboring developments.  If it is someone from our complex, please consider this a gentle reminder to be respectful of the area outside your neighbors’ units and scoop the poop.

 Next Meeting – April 16th at Van’s Unit #M147.