Board of Directors Meeting – May 21, 2018

May 21, 2018

Attending: Michael Niksa, President; Josh Gibson, Treasurer; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management.  Not attending:  Van Chesnutt, out of country.

Homeowners Forum
Resident requests new windows, same as have been installed in previous units.  Approved unanimously by the Board.

Resident reports neighbor parked car in front of their garage; owner of car engaged in threatening language. Resident says neighbor followed them home. Tim recommends resident contact Morris if this happens again, and file a report with Redmond Police.

Resident reports unlicensed vehicle with no parking sticker on upper level.  Old car parts on the ground next to the car.  BOD will place a notice to remove it or have it towed.

Resident requests reimbursement to correct plumbing defect. When replacing toilet on ground floor, plumber discovered sewer plumbing was not set correctly in foundation by builder. Not discovered until original toilet was removed.  Approved for reimbursement.

Resident reports cardboard boxes and wood debris tossed behind their unit and adjacent unit.  Garbage appears to be dumped behind the unit as well.  Photos taken and sent to Tim, who contacted the adjacent unit, who will clean up by end of week.

Resident asks whether it is possible to install roll-up awning that bolts into siding over deck to help shade from sun and rain on an unseen side of building.  BOD says this could potentially be approved and to bring example project with color and style.

Resident requests approval for “Whole House Fan” to exhaust hot air into attic and suck cold air in the ground floor. Minimizes energy required to cool the unit. Installs in the ceiling into the attic and pushes air out attic vents to outside.  Board approves.

Resident requests approval for air conditioning.  Board asks can this be made conditional on payment of late fees outstanding?  Board recommends as soon as resident is in good standing, approval be authorized.

Request from unit owner to raise rental cap to 20%.  After careful discussion, unanimously declined by the Board.  Rental cap will stay at 15%.

Treasurers Report

Josh reports we are up $4K from March vs February, but down $100K from this time last year, due to many large expenses, including rain gutters ($70K) and painting ($45K).  Association has renewed insurance with Partners Group, which will save us $13,000 and provide higher coverage compared to previous policy with Farmers.


  • Gutter issues already fixed, were here earlier in May
  • AMG will be on roofs and inspect items not visible from the ground.
  • Deck dividers are a concern; AMG has fixed several dividers. Will inspect all.
  • The only major siding concern right now is on South walls of D; some siding boards need to be replaced this summer.
  • H-130 is our last elastomeric deck repair, will be done when it is hot in August.
  • Painting is scheduled with Casa Bonita in late June. Rather than paint buildings unnecessarily, we will touch up several buildings. Will be $7500 rather than $45K.
  • Siding between J-136 –137 is rotted behind utility boxes for Frontier and Comcast. Tim is having Frontier and Comcast remove so AMG can replace rotted siding.



No landscaping report due to Van Chesnutt on vacation.  Bodine work on Bldgs L-M-N drainage delayed due to illness and injury.  Work to resume at date TBD by Bodine.

Management Report

  • TYCO still waiting for City of Redmond Bldg G alarm panel approval.
  • Bldg B update: Survey was conducted of original building foundation, which goes down at least 5 feet.  Survey also located footer drains 2-3 feet down, not known how functional.  Work to continue, with reports as available.
  • Reserve Study walk through: Michael and Van walked the property with new Reserve Study representative.  Gave detailed information on ongoing maintenance.  Representative said the more data we can give, the more detailed the model will be, with different replacement schedules for separate elements of individual buildings, depending on wear and exposure.  Will develop a draft, run it past Michael and the BOD, and refine to an accurate reflection of what we are doing it and what to plan for.


Next meeting – Monday June 18, 2018 at 6:30PM at Michael Niksa’s Unit E-120.