Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – June 18, 2018

JUNE 18, 2018

The meeting convened at 6:30PM at the residence of Linda O’Hara, Unit #133.  Attending:  Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management; Michael Niksa, President; Van Chesnutt, Landscape; Linda O’Hara, Secretary.  Not attending:  Josh Gibson, Treasurer.


  • Request to include “on hand cash” in each monthly Treasurer’s Report. Will do.
  • Resident says there are painting issues on their deck. Tim has sent this to Gene.
  • Homeowner concern from last month’s minutes about awning being mounted into siding – water encroachment into siding and building. Michael has this concern as well – is still investigating the installation, will insist on metal flashing.  There is an existing awning on the back of Bldg L which could serve as a possible model.



  • Net available cash as of May 31, 2018:
    Checking is $29,993, reserves are $152,375.
  • Transfer approval for $9,924 for several large items, including Casa Bonita.
  • We are running under budget. This will continue as time goes on due to our reduced insurance costs, landscaping costs, sprinkler usage.
  • We have not yet signed our 2017 Audit, which Tim will forward to us to sign.
  • Attorney says we do not have borrowing authority to address Bldg B foundation work. We will review costs, dues or special assessment as budget season approaches.



  • Bodine has only partially completed the work that was authorized for this year for Bldgs L-M-N.
  • Sprinklers were re-timed, which should save us money.
  • Hoffman has given us notice effective July 15, 2018, that they will no longer do our landscaping. Reduced margins is the reason given to Tim for the cancellation.   Tim has a bid from Premiere Lawn Service, who has good references at Morris Management.  Van will review the contract tomorrow.  Approval pending.
  • Post-Meeting Note: Van has reviewed and approved the new contract with Premiere Lawn Service.
  • One tree was removed because it fell over and was leaning against Bldg B.
  • Tree trimming was done by Davey Tree Service to enable painting this year. In early May, several trees were fertilized.  The trees around the property are looking good.



  • Painting is ongoing right now. Casa Bonita’s work is going just a bit longer than expected – no problem there.
  • Gene just got back last Monday and is still catching up on multiple projects. AMG fixed the siding behind the communication boxes on Bldg J.
  • Bldg G Fire Alarm Panel – TYCO has been the source of multiple delays and confusion. They have rescheduled several times, causing real inconvenience to busy residents who specifically schedule time to be at home.   TYCO has the residents’ phone numbers and is supposed to be rescheduling.   Heard nothing.
  • B Building. Improcon looking carefully at Bldg B to determine severity and speed at which settling is taking place.  May call for a different solution than pin piling, which is extremely expensive.  Took longer than expected to thoroughly survey two units.  Board approves $2500 additional surveying.  Will send results to Dibble Engineering, to evaluate Improcon recommendations for remediation.  We will do whatever the engineering firm recommends.



  • New law in effect July 1, 2018, called WUCOIA – Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act. According to this new Washington State law, we must now have a “Budget Ratification Meeting” for all homeowners to attend.  We cannot just  develop and pass the budget the way we have in the past.  This gives homeowners a say in expenses, dues increases, etc.  If 50% of homeowners vote NO on the proposed budget, it is not passed.  If people are not interested and less than 50% of homeowners show up, the budget is passed (because 50% did not vote NO).  This will be done in October or November before we adopt the final budget —  we will make it the first part of the meeting, before Homeowners Forum.
  • As a note, there are other features in WUCOIA we can vote to adopt or not. Tim and the Board reviewed these optional changes to our structure – we will hold off for now.  We can choose it in the future if we decline now.  If we adopt it, we cannot reverse it.


Next meeting:  Monday July 16, 2018, @ 6:30PM at Michael Niksa’s Unit #E-120.