Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – July 16, 2018

July 16, 2018

The meeting convened at 6:30PM at the residence of Michael Niksa, #E-120.  Attending were Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management; Josh Gibson, Treasurer; Van Chesnutt, Landscape; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; and Michael Niksa, President.


A resident informed the board of a desire to install air conditioning, either whole-house or one-room ductless.  A ductless AC requires a compressor outside and puncturing the envelope of the building.  The board has no knowledge of other residents installing a ductless system. Michael and Josh doubt that this will cause a problem.  The resident will send plans and proposals for the AC to Tim.


Josh reviewed several items with Tim that have not shown up as expected, and budget allocations that have been moved forward.  Josh also reviewed our cash flow through April, May and June.  Lower expenses in some months were offset by higher expenses the next.

April we put quite a bit of money in the bank, but in May took $7000 out.  Net available cash (checking) is $23,939 as of June 30.   Replacement (reserve) fund is $154,615 as of June 30.


  • Michael compiled a very complete list for Handyman Gene – his crew is starting on some of it today.
  • Linda will post Notice to Homeowners for elastomeric deck power washing, caulking and sealing in G-H and L-M-N. This will save us expense deck rebuilds going forward.
  • We do have a partial-to-full deck rebuild upcoming this summer for H-130 at $10,000+.
  • Michael is having gable vents installed in four buildings, with more to be installed in upcoming years. Keeps attic space cooler.  Some buildings have vents, most do not.


  • Resident in Bldg B reports trees from the City of Redmond greenbelt are encroaching onto the deck. Van has Davey Tree coming out next on Wed July 24 to address this.
  • While Davey Tree is onsite, Van will have them trim others on the property. There are numerous trees Van wants trimmed away from buildings.  Expect one day of work.
  • Bodine Construction re: M-N drainage issues. Bodine installed a new clean-out drain in front of M as they were having problems clearing some of the roots in the pipes that have caused drainage issues.  Some balls of roots were very large.  Future work calls for roto-routing the pipes. While this is the cheapest effective option it may cause the old weak pipe to break – if so, we will replace.  Ongoing work.
  • Cherry trees behind M look very bad — Van will have them removed next year and replaced. Varieties not yet decided – could be cherry or other varieties.
  • Owner of Premiere Landscaping will walk the property with Van and Tim next week for a detailed inspection. A preliminary walk-through was done prior to bidding for the work.


  • Brimstone Fire inspected all fire extinguishers, recharged, replaced glass on one unit.
  • Bldg G Alarm progress –TYCO will be called tomorrow to confirm that it is complete on G. Ensure naming convention and passcode is consistent with rest of property.
  • Fire Inspections mandated by City of Redmond are upon us. Last year it was a mess with TYCO not showing up at scheduled times when busy residents had been asked to be home.  Need advance notice – this is interior inspection in ALL units in all buildings.  Will need 3 days.  Need solid dates and plenty of advance notice for residents.
  • Fire Panels – Our existing 30-year old fire panels are outdated and failing. When old panels fail, we experience great difficulty getting new panels to talk to the old system. Tim asks whether we should just start replacing these things.  Each new building panel is $7000 x 12 buildings need replacement = $84,000 up front.  New panels also require additional $150-$200 monitoring cost per month – this is $40–$50 month/unit.
  • To enable deliveries and guests to find buildings more easily, we will investigate new signs around the property clearly directing traffic – such as A-B-C this way, J-K this way, etc.


Jehan from Improcon addressed the Board with an engineering update and plan for moving forward.  Areas of substantial settlement have been noted.  After additional work this week, two approaches will be evaluated.  Either way, this is a major project with substantial cost.

  • There is a strong possibility that a special assessment will be necessary
  • Our project manager Improcon is retained right now to “value engineer” the project and find a solid acceptable solution that saves us the most money;
  • If a special assessment occurs, it would likely happen in 2019


Next meeting – August 20th at Van Chesnutt’s Unit #M-147 @ 6:30PM