Waste Management Service Interruption

This Thursday, October 11th, on our usual collection day, Waste Management had an emergency circumstance that caused our normal trash/recycling/compost collection service to be skipped. This was due to a broken natural gas pipeline in British Columbia which feeds PSE and in turn feeds the natural gas powered trucks responsible for our waste collection. A local news article is available here.

As of this afternoon, natural gas has been restored in the region and Waste Management promises they will collect up to double the normal amount of each cart at next Thursday’s pickup. You can find more information at Waste Management Northwest’s website.

In the meantime, we recognize residents may have an excess of waste and it may start to stink up their garage or other normal storage location for waste bins with the extra time. As a result, the board has agreed and notified Morris Management to ignore and waive our usual community bins rules until the next scheduled pickup. Feel free to leave your bins outside until Waste Management comes by again next week Thursday, October 18th. We would advise that you try to at least move them out of the normal flow of traffic at least until next Wednesday night/Thursday morning to keep the through road as clear as possible all weekend and early next week.