Board of Directors Meeting – March 2019

Marymoor Trails
Board of Directors Meeting
March 18, 2019

The March meeting of the Marymoor Trails Board of Directors convened at 6:35PM at the residence of Linda O’Hara, Unit #133.  Attending were Michael Niksa, President; Van Chesnutt, Landscape; Josh Gibson, Treasurer; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; and Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management.

Homeowners Forum

No homeowners brought any issues, so we proceeded to regular business.

Directional Signs

In response to homeowner requests for more visible building addresses and directions to buildings, we had a presentation from Alex Fong of Signarama.  We discussed options, visibility and pricing.  Numbers on individual units are non-reflective, most have poor contrast, some hidden, hard to see at night.  Building “letters” are not easily visible.  Once we have buildings numbered, we will have wayfinding signs to groups of buildings. Estimated total cost is under $10,000.  Three types of signs are planned:

  • Wayfinding signs – On a post pointing toward groups of buildings.  Wayfinding signs to groups of buildings should be reflective.  We envision 3-4 larger signs at the most common junctions in the community like the main entrance and along the hill where the road forks to A/B/G/H.
  • Letters – Two per building to aid fire department, visitors, and deliveries.  Building letters should be high-contrast but do not necessarily need to be reflective. Size and placement TBD.
  • Numbers plate – One for each unit, placed as visibly as possible.  Individual unit numbers should be high contrast, not reflective, and oriented for consistency across the property.  For the most part the unit number will be mounted in the same place as they are now, except in cases where they are clearly not visible.  Need to blend in aesthetically and stand out at the same time, which is the problem.  Lighting on some units is very obscure.

Treasurer’s Report

Josh Gibson, Treasurer, signed the 2018 IRS tax form, as completed by Andrew McAlister, CPA.  We are up $53,000 over where we were last year.  Cash on hand in checking as of the end of February was $49,478.79 and replacement (reserve) fund was $180,274.32. 

January reflected some unusual maintenance numbers.  Gutter cleaning was $1500 over budget – going forward, budget should be set between $2000-$4000 per year.  Last year the budget was only set at $1500, and we had not predicted a second cleaning in December.  An additional cleaning of $15 per deck to remove refuse was also done.

Josh is not showing insurance payments popping up in financials.  Josh does not see the actual payments.   Tim believes it is paid in one lump sum in May.  Josh has been seeing them in past months – Tim thinks this is shown in the financials as 1/12 paid every month even though it is disbursed annually.  January we were $1000 over budget in our insurance, and in February it was corrected.  Tim says sometimes at the beginning of the year the 1/12 number is recalculated.  Last year we saved money in the last half of the year.  Tim will ask about insurance prepaids and follow up with Josh and the Board. 

Management Report

  • Building G alarm is finally fixed, tested, paperwork signed off by TYCO.   We are waiting for a $7000 bill for the panel, which was approved last year. 
  • Tim reported on Bldg B 108 foundation monitoring.  He received a very good report from Jehan of Improcon, our project manager.  No movement of the building has been detected in the last six months.  We will continue to monitor ongoing.  This is good news.
  • Reserve study – Tim is sending in the information form for the study.

Landscape Report

  • The landscaper has reported that some units have electrical cords running across lawns to outdoor lighting.   This poses a hazard with lawn mowing and sprinklers.  DO NOT DO THIS – IT IS DANGEROUS. 
  • Davey Tree will fix trees damaged in winter storms. 
    • Behind I — many large trees with broken branches from the storm. 
    • Behind K — large tree with many broken branches on top.  
    • Behind B — pine tree with many broken branches. 
    • Next to J and I — tree not in best of shape and will be removed. 
    • Total = $1452 including tax by Davey Tree. 
    • Van will post a sign not to park cars where the trees will be trimmed.  “Do not park here – tree limbs will fall on your car.”
  • Van met with Premiere Lawn Service, got three bids
    • (1) Clean up all blacktop moss in front of the buildings, it is very slippery Cost is $1140.  We will acquire a competitive bid from Gene. Van to follow up if Premiere uses a scrubber over power washing to avoid missing spots.
    • (2) Wash concrete walks between the buildings to remove moss.  Cost is $910 on 14 buildings.  Will get competitive bid from Gene. 
    • (3) Trim all walkway hedges $1200.  Need to trim ASAP, as one resident has already trimmed his own bushes.  Approved by BOD to proceed immediately. 
  • Bodine Construction – We previously had an issue of water on the garage floor of M-150.  Bodine tested and the inside of the unit is perfectly OK, no water coming in from the edges.  The floor is perfectly level.  Footing drains on this end of M will be cleared, bid coming in.  This is the only new bid, about $1200. 
  • Part of the bid to fix I-J drainage is to run pipes down and into the rest of the stormwater system.  As previously noted, original builder did not route water runoff into the storm drain, resulting in water accumulation. 
  • On Thursday, March 20, City of Redmond did an onsite Stormwater system inspection and evaluation.  Van reported after the inspection that our storm drains are in good shape, with only one at the far end of the property needing cleaning.


Michael will do a walk-around with Gene, the handyman, in upcoming weeks.

Tim signed contract with Casa Bonita to get on their painting schedule.  Michael has walked the property and inspected all buildings with Scott of Casa Bonita – buildings are in good shape, and we can get away with just painting what is cracking from exposure to the sun. 

Unit which has had replacement windows installed had new woodwork primed but not painted.  Tim discussed with the resident and the people from Washington Energy Services.  Have until May 15 to complete this, and if not done by that time it will be done by HOA vendor (Casa Bonita) and billed back to the owner.  

Next Meeting:  The next Board Meeting is Monday April 22, 2019, at 6:30PM at the residence of Van Chesnutt, #M-147.