Board of Directors Minutes — July 15, 2019

Marymoor Trails
Board of Directors Meeting
July 15, 2019

The Marymoor Trails Board of Directors meeting convened on Monday July 15, 2019, at 6:30PM at the residence of Josh Gibson, #N-153.  The board welcomed new member Jerimiah Willhite, a strong addition to major projects.  Attending were Michael Niksa, President; Josh Gibson, Treasurer; Van Chesnutt, Landscape; Jerimiah Willhite, Special Projects; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; and Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management.

Homeowners Forum

A resident attended the meeting and expressed an interest in replacing their deck with a deck made out Trex (a composite material) that is the same color as the existing decking.  The question was whether the association was going to replace decks in need of repair, such as this one, or if they should proceed at own expense. Michael confirmed that his inspection showed the top surface boards of many decks are in bad condition.  In discussions on deck replacement, the board has determined that going forward, decks needing replacement will use the Trex material as the additional cost is minimal.  This resident’s deck will be one of the one replaced this year.  Estimated cost:  $2500.

Treasurer’s Report

Josh Gibson reports all is well with financials.  On June 30, 2019 we had $29,581.86 in checking and $222,656.13 in reserves.  The decline in balances reflects major projects.

  • We had a fair amount of replacement fund expenses — $4000 for painting and $7000 for drainage repairs.
  • Numerous fixes of sprinkler heads for a total of about $1300. 
  • As a part of a technology upgrade to new systems at Morris Management Marymoor Trails HOA will move from US Bank to Pacific Premiere out of Oregon, FDIC insured.  About 20% of their business is HOAs, they know the business well. 
  • Morris needed to change software platforms to keep up with evolving industry standards.  Pacific Premiere’s system automatically dovetails with Morris.  The new platform will be rolled out to homeowners in coming months. Goal is to have everyone transitioned before January 1, 2020.

Landscape Report

Van Chesnutt reports recent pressure washing of front walks, patios and the slime in front of the garages of some buildings has been completed.  In addition, a storm drain has been cleared and approved by City of Redmond. 

  • Bldg I will have a lot of work done July 20-31.  This work involves foundation drains, repair of a crushed pipe and installation of new drainage to address areas of chronic water accumulation.  Residents in Bldgs I, J and L are advised of heavy equipment and much noise while major work is taking place.
  • Routine sprinkler maintenance is complete.  Van will now meet with the sprinkler people for a second time and go over additional suggested improvements.  Related to this, a resident reported some sprinklers behind Bldg K are not functioning properly, resulting in some brown areas. 
  • Van plans to put plants next to the rocks in the front entryway, opposite the Marymoor Trails entrance sign and will refresh low-lying plants next to the sign. 

Maintenance Report

Michael Niksa has established an organized system with Handyman Gene and his crew.

  • A list of projects has been sent to Gene, the result of owner input and walk-around inspection.  Work will proceed in the following order: (1) roof-based work; (2) siding work; (3) fence work; (4) odds and ends; (5) wood decks repair and replacement.
  • With proactive inspection and cleaning, we have not had a major elastomeric deck replacement this year, saving the association a tremendous amount of money. 
  • As discussed above, replacement of a deck with cedar costs 75% of the cost of replacement with Trex, but Trex has minimal maintenance afterwards (no peeling/painting/sealing/staining). The board considers this a worthwhile expense, an investment in a more cost-effective future.  Bad individual boards in cedar decks need to be replaced immediately with cedar due to potential liability issues.  Our current budget allows for up to 8 total deck replacements per year with Trex. Our plan calls for installing hidden screws as the standard, and replacement of railing cap rails, which weathers badly. Overall cost estimated about $3000 per deck with tax.
  • The board has received no updates in weeks on a building with a dripping water situation, for which we have engaged Jehan Bharucha as a building engineer. Tim and Michael to follow up.
  • Building siding is rotting behind the fire panels on both Bldgs I and J.  We cannot ignore dry rot.  This siding repair will be addressed immediately.    

Tim advises it will cost thousands just to have TYCO come out and re-hang the old panels, so there is a sunk cost either way.  After careful discussion and evaluation of upcoming expenses, the board recommends that If we can do the siding replacement without also replacing two fire panels, we would prefer to do that and hold off on fire panel replacement.  Michael will work with Gene to see if his crew can shore it up for this year and address new fire panels next year with enough lead time for TYCO.

Signage Update

Jerimiah Willhite introduced Leanne Ciriaco from Signarama for a detailed look at sample posts and panels for new signage around the complex. 

  • Aluminum — will last basically forever, easy to read, reflective.
  • Part of the proposal is for new unit numbers to make it easier for visitors and delivery people to more easily find individual units. The proposal by Signarama clashes with existing building colors.  The board proposed a dark gray background with white reflective numbers.  Jerimiah and Van will meet with Leanne to test swatches of color next to buildings. (The new unit numbers will include the building letter.)
  • Keep all unit numbers under the front lights.  Note, these lights are individually controlled – only some residents keep lights on at night.  Board recommends we make numbers reflective and fonts clearly distinct.
  • Next steps:  Leanne will connect with Jerimiah to update cost specs to reflect changed requirements.  Jerimiah and Michael will connect with Gene about installation and set a time with Van to color-test swatches.  Deposit approximately $2800. 

Management Report

  • Monitoring is ongoing on Building B.  No items to report, which is good news.  As reported last month, a detailed monitoring report will be delivered in October.
  • The Borrowing Amendment and Consent Form have been received by King County. We are still waiting for the original to come back, to give to the attorney.
  • Tim has just learned that in-unit fire alarm inspections of all buildings are planned by TYCO to take place in August, dates TBD.  This is the first we have heard about it.  TYCO needs to let us know dates ASAP because people are on vacation.

Upcoming Meetings

Next meeting is Monday September 16 at 10:30-12:00Noon.  With this September meeting, the regular meeting time changes to a late morning meeting, to accommodate board member schedules.