Required Annual Fire Alarm Confidence Testing for All Units

Monday September 14th, 2020
Tuesday September 15th, 2020
Wednesday September 16th, 2020
Thursday September 17th, 2020
Friday September 18th, 2020

Starts each day at 9am

Dear Marymoor Residents,

On Monday, September 14th through Friday September 18th, Tyco Integrated Security Services, Inc. will be performing the annual fire and life safety system inspections for Marymoor Trails.  This testing is an NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) requirement, as well as a requirement of the City of Redmond Fire Marshal. All of the devices for the fire alarm system and the sprinkler system must be tested in your building.  This falls under NFPA Fire alarm code section 10.4.4 number 20. 

Your cooperation is required.  If you are not able to be at home, please make arrangements in advance with a trusted relative, friend, or neighbor over the age of eighteen to provide access.  All interior locks must be unlocked, all pets secured, alarms left inactive and the area in and around the fire alarm devices must be cleared for access to the smoke detectors, heat detectors and mini horns connected to the fire alarm panel. In addition, a visual inspection of the fire sprinklers will be performed.

Although this testing is inconvenient, please understand that if any unit is inaccessible, Tyco Integrated Security Services is required by the fire marshal to document this on the testing report. The building is not considered to be in full compliance unless there are no discrepancies or untested devices listed on the completed report.  If they are unable to test a unit during this scheduled test, the hourly rate for a  technician to return to test that condominium unit is $270.00 per hour. 

The technicians from TYCO will do their absolute best to ensure that the annual testing is minimally invasive and the in unit portions of the test are completed first, and as quickly as possible. 

Horns and strobes will be activated during the test. Thank you for your understanding regarding this important life safety and property protection testing.

Once the testing in your unit has been completed, access to your unit is no longer required.  For your convenience, we’ve included information with the estimated time of the inspection at your unit (see below).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please contact Kenneth Shaver  at Tyco/Johnson Controls Inc., 1-888-805-4811 option 1, then option 5, extension 1052614, or via email at . 

Tyco will need access to units in the following buildings and will conduct the inspection during the estimated time frame for each building below. Once the testing in your unit has been completed, access to your unit is no longer required. 

Mon Sept 14th, 2020
Building G
between 9AM – 11AM

Tues Sept 15th, 2020
Building A, B
between 9AM – Noon
Building C, D, E between Noon – 5PM

Wed Sept 16th, 2020
Building I, J, K
between 9AM – Noon
Buildings L, M, N between Noon – 5PM

Thurs Sept 17th, 2020
Building F
between 9AM – Noon

Fri Sept 18th, 2020
Building H
between 9AM – 11AM

All the above buildings need to be accessed by the technicians.

In addition, we would like to remind you that this is a good time to check the smoke detectors inside your unit and replace batteries to ensure that they are operating in order.

Thank you,
Marymoor Trails Association