Board Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2021

Marymoor Trails
Board of Directors Meeting
March 15, 2021

The Marymoor Trails Board of Directors meeting convened at 10:00AM on Monday, March 15, 2021. Due to coronavirus precautions, we met via Zoom. Attending: Michael Niksa, President; Van Chesnutt, Landscape; Josh Gibson, Treasurer; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; and Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management. Jerimiah Willhite, Special Projects, unable to attend due to a business meeting.

Homeowners Forum

Sherry Brown, Unit #B-106, joined the meeting to discuss remediation from Bldg. B building work and foundation monitoring and the prior work that has been done. On the same subject, Dave Webber, Unit #B-108, sent a list of remediation work for his unit. Sherry and Dave have said it is possible to have work done on both of their units at the same time while a repair team is onsite.

Tim reported that surveyors, engineers, and Project Manager Jehan Bharucha have found no structural damage to Bldg. B. They also report there has been no movement over the past 12 months. However, monitoring will continue. If movement is observed, action will be taken by the HOA. The consultants are viewing cracks as normal settling expected in buildings built in 1989.

The Board says the cracks reported by Sherry and Dave look bigger than what are routinely observed. Michael observes that he has similar cracks in his unit, just to a somewhat lesser degree. While remodeling, Michael and his wife have noted bowed walls. Sherry and David will find someone, get bids, and get back to the Board. 

Sherry asked if she could have a list of resident addresses and phone numbers to organize window washing or social events. Due to the potential for abuse of this information, Tim advises the Board to not give out this information. Folks can coordinate among themselves to exchange information or the Board is happy to use the website or minutes to amplify a message to residents.

Sherry asked for gas and water emergency shutoff information.

Emergency Water Shutoff

Water shutoff is out by the curb, or in the planters in front of buildings inside the water meter boxes. There are usually 2-4 of them in a row, covered by individual plastic lids. There is one shutoff for each unit. You can shut off water for your own unit without affecting your neighbors. The water meter boxes are generally labeled with a unit number. It is easy to use a small wrench to turn water off and on. Some residents choose to turn off water for their unit when they go on vacation for an extended period in case there is a leak while they are gone. It will keep the whole unit from flooding. There is also typically a shutoff inside everyone’s garage, either near the water heater or towards the front of the unit. Water shutoffs usually have  a red handle-.

Emergency Gas Shutoff

The emergency gas shutoff is at your meter. Locations of the meters vary by building, but it will be along an outside wall.  If you look at the bottom of the meter where the pipes come out of the ground, there is a little nut that has a rotating piece with an arm. When you rotate them to overlap, that shuts off the gas to your unit – it does not affect your neighbors. When the two pieces are lined up, two holes line up that enable it to be locked with a padlock; this is the closed position.

Treasurer’s Report

Our February month-end balances were $54,123.07 in the Operating Account (checking) and $367,290.37 in Reserves (savings).

Josh reports February was a rather expensive month. We had a large payment of $8300 for fire safety monitoring for the last four months because Tyco had not been sending invoices. Tim called Tyco and asked for all the open invoices – Tyco did, and sent a batch. We have no explanation for Tyco’s erratic billing. Josh keeps a close eye on this. In addition, there were confusing notes in bookkeeping noting duplicate payments for December. Tim says that this is because Morris has a new person entering accounts payable, and they double entered the description for at least one payment. Nothing however was double paid. Thanks, Josh, for watching our money so closely!

Josh and Tim reviewed categorization of expenses and credits, and all is in order. These result from billings from Gene the Handyman that are paid in one lump sum, but are reflected in different maintenance categories – such as decks, siding, chimneys, etc.


  • Gene met with a homeowner in Bldg. L. Gene clarified what is homeowner responsibility and  what is HOA responsibility. Example – resident saw a neighbor’s furnace was emitting steam and his was not; thought his furnace was blocked. There are many types of furnaces: some emit steam and some do not. Very high efficiency ones typically recapture extra heat from waste steam…thus the higher efficiency.
  • We hope to have a few (probably five or less) wooden decks replaced this year  with Trex.
  • Upcoming: Michael will schedule a walk-around with Gene, to inspect all buildings and develop a punch list of work to be done this year.
  • Upcoming: Tim will contact Casa Bonita for a detailed inspection of painting, siding and building envelope integrity. There are several siding board sections that look like they need to be replaced, not just repainted.
  • When Josh’s schooling ends in 3 months, he will assist Michael with Buildings.

Landscape Report

  • Van met with Gary from Bodine Engineering to look at water encroachment in Unit #J-135. There is water in the corner of the garage. Bodine put a scope into the drain and took photographs, but they could not figure out what the problem is. Van was there and looked at the scope with him, and the drain in front of 135 and 136 looked pretty good. Bodine bid to figure out and fix is $1800 + 10.1% tax. Board approves work on Units #135-136 as this is an item that must be addressed.
  • The second issue is behind Bldg. K – Van went out with owner and Gary from Bodine. Beyond the patio, there is a lot of standing water. If you go out 10’ farther to the top of the hill, in heavy rains there was a pond developing — standing water about 12’ across. Van recommends immediate work because standing water was coming onto the patio.
    • Option #1 is to install more drainage. There is an existing drain nearby and  it may be possible to install a couple of catch basins, one behind the patio and one out in the open area to empty into it to insure proper draining. Bodine bid is $3130.
    • Option #2 – Van will talk to Premiere Landscaping and see if there is another option.
  • Van is also going to inspect behind Unit #L-143 because down there at the bottom of the rockery we did work to address past issues with drainage and the ground turning orange with scum. In addition, under the deck of Unit #L-143 there are several pipes that come up out of the ground that are nonfunctional. When Gary from Bodine comes out, they will look at those pipes, some of which are at odd angles. It is possible this may have been fixed when we did work last summer on drainage between Bldgs. I-J.

Special Projects

  • Due to coronavirus, most special projects are on hold.
  • Window Washing – A few residents have asked whether we can have a group window washing. If many people are interested, it may be cheaper per unit. This would be totally voluntary, at owner expense, with individual units opting in. Linda will do some research, see who is interested, get some prices, and report back to the Board.

Management Report

Tim recommends that we perform another survey of Bldg. B. Previous surveys showed no movement, so we slowed down the survey cadence. But it is now time to test again. This is an all-day project, and residents will see engineering teams onsite. No interior access is required to any units. Work will be done under the direction of Project Manager Jehan Bharucha, and Jim Reilly of Certa Building Solutions, and a professional surveying team. The last time surveying was done, it was an approximate cost of $2000. Approved unanimously. 

Board Members – It was moved and seconded to reapprove Van and Jerimiah for new 2-year terms, as verbally approved at last month’s Annual Meeting by attending residents. 

Next Meeting — Monday April 19, 2021 at 10:00AM via Zoom.