Board Minutes – April 19, 2021

Marymoor Trails
Board of Directors Meeting
April 19, 2021

The Marymoor Trails Board of Directors meeting convened Monday April 21, 2021 at 10:00AM via Zoom. Attending: Michael Niksa, President; Josh Gibson, Treasurer; Van Chesnutt, Landscape; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; and Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management. Jerimiah Willhite, Special Projects, not able to attend.

Homeowners Forum

No homeowners appeared in person. However, Tim received a request from an owner who would like to see new garage doors, thinks ours make the property look dated. Approximate cost is $2000 per unit, about $108,000 for all of Marymoor Trails. If we ever do replace them, we would like to replace them with something lighter weight to reduce wear on garage door openers. Our existing garage doors are very heavy.

Treasurer’s Report

March was a nice quiet month, no big surprises. Josh says we will have lots of activity in April and May as work picks up. The Association net cash balance as of the end of March is $35,340.64 in Operating account (checking), and $380,064.61 in Reserves (savings).


Van provided a substantial update:

  1. Previously we reported pooling water behind a Bldg. J end unit. We were looking into putting in drains behind the unit. The owner currently has plans to extend the concrete deck behind his unit. This removes the need for one of the planned drains.
  2. In the green area where the pond was developing, when Bodine began to install a drain, they found an existing catch basin that was covered by grass and mud.  A camera view showed that the drain and pipe were both clogged with grass and mud. They opened the drain and cleaned it out. No new drains are needed.
  3. In Bldg. J there has been a water incursion into the garage. Bodine has not been able to determine where the water is coming from. If necessary, Bodine will open the asphalt and inspect the foundation drain to make sure it drains properly.
  4. A resident of Bldg. A wants to have irrigation heads put on the sprinkler heads on the entrance way to the unit. The initial assessment from Premiere was that this was not a good idea. Van talked to the sprinkler expert at Premiere who had an idea that might work. This idea has been discussed with the homeowner and work will proceed at their expense.
  5. A homeowner requested hedge trimming behind a unit in Bldg. I. This request has been forwarded to Premiere.

Buildings and Maintenance

Michael will schedule an inspection of all buildings with Casa Bonita, to evaluate needs for painting and possible new siding in high-impact areas.  Michael will also schedule a full walk-around with Gene the Handyman, to evaluate repairs and maintenance.

Jehan Bharucha, our Project Manager, is still waiting for the full set of as-built architectural blueprints. Jim Reilly of Certa Engineering is backed up and will not be able to get these to Jehan for another week or two. Once we get blueprints, we will have critical building information and can proceed to address several issues with Jehan.

One thing these blueprints will address is Bldg. B settlement issues. Since our last meeting, Jehan took extremely detailed measurements of Bldg. B. Unfortunately, this showed settling of ¼” and ½” in about 18 months. This movement correlates to reports from owners in B-108 and B-106 that they continue to see more symptoms. When we have the as-built plans, Jehan and an engineer will go into a few of the units, do detailed measurements, and see what needs to be done.

Related to these new developments on Bldg. B, Tim updated the resale certificate. Previously when a unit for sale needed a resale certificate, Tim reported that we had seen no significant issues. Then this most recent report from Jehan was received – and this impacts the resale certificate. Tim contacted the owner of a unit for sale and updated the resale certificate to note the last date it was monitored and that we have seen some movement and nothing else is known at this point.

The Board is closely monitoring developments. We do not want Jehan to wait on us for any approval – we do not want to dawdle on this. Tim confirmed Jehan knows we want to move forward ASAP and await the as-built plans.

Chimney cleaning – We are at 33% covid immunization. It is wiser wait another month before doing chimney cleaning which requires interior access to the units. Better to wait until more people have been vaccinated. Josh knows many younger people who want to be vaccinated and have not been able to get vaccinated.

Deck Replacements with Trex — Michael has several units on the list, but deck work this year will depend on the price of Trex decking. Costs for building materials have skyrocketed to 4x – 10x normal. Everyone wants refurbished outdoor spaces. Sheets of plywood that were $6-$8 are selling for $60-$80. We are not going to spend that much money on deck replacement if that is the case. The goal is still 6-8 wood decks re-topped with Trex this year.

Opt-in Window Washing — Linda contacted four window washing companies, two of which would give us a group bid. Many companies will work only with individual residents, not a whole association. After careful research, it was simply too complex to organize an opt-in project at varying prices. Tim agrees. Linda will contact residents who indicated interest. We will not orchestrate individual opt-in. We will discuss association-wide window washing at HOA expense at the May meeting.

Dryer Vents — Tim requested a bid from Dryer Vent Solutions and received a quote for a great price (under $2000 for all 54 units). This was approved immediately by the Board and will be scheduled as soon as Dryer Vent Solutions’ schedule allows.  Does not require any interior access to units.

Insurance Claim – A unit in Bldg. F had a washer line leak in late January that caused quite a bit of damage. Due to the location of the leak, it is HOA expense. HOA deductible is $10,000. Master policy adjuster has met with owner and gotten them in touch with a mitigation company. HOA is a pass-through on insurance – we hold the policy on behalf of homeowners but generally have no contact with the process beyond that.

Next Meeting – Our next meeting is Monday May 17, 2021 at 10:00AM via Zoom.