Gutters Update

Gutters for I, J, and K building are currently scheduled to be completed on October 25th.

We had a delay with these buildings due to missing fascia boards at the roof lines. The original builder of our property attached the gutters directly to the siding on these buildings without supporting fascia boards at the top. When the gutter replacement crew was out and removed the old gutters, they discovered this issue and let us know offering us two options:

  1. Rescind the 20 year warranty and attach the new, heavier, larger gutters directly to the siding.
  2. Get someone to put fascia boards up on the buildings, have the gutter crew return at a later time, and keep the 20 year warranty.

We chose option 2. We asked AMG Construction to remove the top pieces of siding along the roof edges and attach a new fascia board on each building. This was completed October 5th and 6th. The gutter crew was immediately notified and found a slot in their schedule on October 25th. We have asked the gutter company to move up the date earlier if possible and they stated they would keep us posted if an opening arises.

Thanks to residents in I, J, and K for their patience.

For residents in all other buildings, the gutter project is complete. If there are any issues, please contact us.