October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Marymoor Trails HOA
Board of Directors Meeting
October 16, 2017

The meeting convened 6:30PM at the residence of Linda O’Hara, #I-133.  Attending were Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management; Michael Niksa, President; Josh Gibson, Treasurer; Van Chesnutt, Landscape; and Linda O’Hara, Secretary.

New Website!

Michael Niksa rolled out our new Marymoor Trails website:  https://marymoortrails.com.  This will be a great addition to homeowners to stay up-to-date with repairs, key communications, and meeting updates.  Morris Management will continue to mail monthly meeting minutes to all owners.

  • Meeting minutes posted as soon as available, usually one week after meeting
  • Updates by building on key projects, repairs, construction – we will post pertinent developments and changes as work progresses
  • Notification of upcoming meeting dates and locations

Residents can sign up via the website to receive email notifications when new information is posted.  We will keep this useful and easy to use for everyone.  If you have constructive comments or suggestions, please let us know at feedback@marymoortrails.com.

Homeowners Forum

Resident from Bldg. B very interested in new website.  Came home from a long trip out of town to find gutters torn down, junk all over the place.  We will keep residents advised via the new website https://marymoortrails.com.

Follow-up on foundation work in Bldg. B.  Initial scope of work from Dibble Engineering with initial bid from McCloud Construction.  Is being reviewed with 2nd bid from Bodine Construction.  Dibble’s report appears to be very thorough.  Van will follow up with Bodine.  We will get the 2nd bid, and work will commence this winter.

Treasurer’s Report

Last month’s Treasurer’s Letter with accompanying graph was difficult to interpret due to poor B&W photocopying for distribution.  We will update https://marymoortrails.com with 2018 budget, Treasurer’s Letter, and color breakdown of replacement fund expenses.

Overall, we have less money than we had last month due to many major projects being completed:  landscaping, drainage, maintenance, painting, gutters, siding repairs.  Expenses are doing well relative to budget.  We are spending money and we knew it would be coming.

Reserve Study:  The reserve study once again called for replacement of all siding on all buildings at a total cost of $1.4 million. This would be a $25K special assessment for each unit, which we do not want to do.  The reserve study (1) did not actually inspect our property and (2) assumes we have done no siding replacement since 1989.  Each year we invest $30K in siding repair and replacement of damaged areas.  We invest in high-quality paint and caulking for envelope integrity.  Next year’s reserve study inspection will be ”in-person”.  Michael and Josh will walk around with them and explain what we are doing with incremental replacement, show them the condition of the siding, and do we really need $1.4 million.  If so, let’s understand why and what we need to plan for.  Cedar siding should last if well maintained and repaired as necessary, and we think we are good.


  • Pony wall minor separation in Bldg D does not need to be replaced. Gene the Handyman will shore it up, no need to replace the whole wall.
  • Summer maintenance list is complete.
  • Gene is working on fascia boards, priming them for gutter installation in I, J, K, and doing touch up painting on all units that have had gutters installed.
  • Gutters on I, J, K due to be completed October 25th, delayed due to fascia.
  • Painting on Bldg I slow to complete due to wet weather. We will proactively drive Casa Bonita to an earlier commitment and start for 2018 work.
  • Resident had DirecTV dish mounted into elastomeric deck, breaking seal. Not approved by BOD as this is a limited common area.  Repair will be billed to owner.


  • Moles by the mailboxes! Van contacting exterminators, some do not do mole work.
  • Arborist here Nov 3 for tree trimming. Will be here in advance to mark trees.
  • Bodine Construction starts work on drainage issues for I, L, M, N on Oct 23-24.
  • Sprinklers –Multiple zones cover the same areas. We have inherited a confusing overlap of brands, timers, and non-communication between different systems. Josh and Michael inspected and corrected.  We will save money next year:  set timers, reduce over-watering, address drainage issues.  Hoffman will winterize sprinklers soon.

Next meeting:  Monday November 20, 2017 @ 6:30PM at Josh Gibson’s unit, #N-153.

 Annual Meeting:  Monday January 22, 2018 @ 6:30PM at Morris Management.