November 2017 Meeting Minutes

Marymoor Trails HOA BOD Meeting
November 20, 2017

The meeting convened at 6:30PM at the residence of Josh Gibson, #N-153.
Attendees: Michael Niksa, President; Josh Gibson, Treasurer: Van Chesnutt, Landscape; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; and Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management.

Homeowners Forum
Homeowner contests $15 late fee.  HOA dues for October 1st were mailed the 9th, with payment posted 9 days after mailing. Homeowner requests grace period. The Board explains that 1st – 15th is the grace period.  Neither Morris nor MMT are responsible for US Postal Service, holidays or weekends. Board notes that documentation signed when purchasing a unit clearly states dues are due on the 1st of each month.  Fee was already waived once this year at Tim’s discretion. Board agrees unanimously not to waive the $15 late fee for a second time this year.

Homeowner does not like the way a tree was trimmed.  Van reports that an arborist company identified dead branches and removed them to stabilize the tree. The upper branches of the tree were removed, promoting a dense head of  foliage and branches. This was one of several trees addressed on the property. It has been professionally trimmed to ensure health and stability.

Owner of middle unit wishes to install air conditioning; no space for unit in front of garage. No precedent for AC in middle units of this design. Discussion of placement options, prices, sound ratings, aesthetics, access issues, noise impact.  Many other units have installed air conditioners; the Association only requires that these be installed in areas of least impact to the community.

Board agrees with homeowner’s suggestion that AC be installed in the rear of the unit. Recommend centering as much as possible to minimize impact on neighbors.  Owner is willing to spend extra dollars to purchase a quieter unit that vents horizontally (as opposed to vertically) in order to have a smaller footprint. Homeowner will install protective/decorative fencing to keep mowers from hitting the unit. With modifications/restrictions, the request is unanimously approved with owner to receive official paperwork from Morris.

Treasurers Report – Josh Gibson

The 2016 draft audit is complete and signed by Josh Gibson, and will be turned over to the auditor for finalizing.
Association cash + reserve balance is approximately $150,000, after final payment to Casa Bonita ($23,000), and the second transfer to cover gutters ($35,000). In the past month $8000 was paid to TYCO for fire panel work, and a large payment to Gene for maintenance work.  Cash should accrue during the winter.

Josh notes $1300 outstanding from owner of rental unit for two months nonpayment of dues. If we must use a collection agency, their fees are added to the amount the delinquent party must pay. We have been sending owner late letters, warning he will be going to collections.  When it goes to collections, it is reflected on their credit report.

Buildings & Maintenance – Michael Niksa

  • A fence broke in the wind. Tim will follow up with Gene to see if he got back to this resident, and replaced two boards that were knocking.
  • Elastomeric deck damage due to illegal installation of satellite dish. Deck got repaired but reimbursement not yet received from owner/resident.  It has been 30 days, so Tim sent a follow-up letter.
  • Steve Bodine and Van met with a homeowner to examine garage as well as downstairs bathroom for cracks. Van is getting detailed information and mitigation options from Bodine, and from Tim Hollingshead, and will report back to the Board.



Landscape – Van Chesnutt

  • Tree outside Bldg N was addressed by professional arborist. This tree was a danger in case of a wind storm. There is still an issue with this tree – and it may eventually have to be removed. Van will have it inspected in March, give it fertilizer, see if it comes back.
  • Tree with insect infestation at Bldgs I-J was trimmed both top and bottom.
  • Foundation drains – Bldgs L-M-N: Van relayed a progress report from Bodine. Drainage issues in the rockery behind Bldg L are not coming from Bldg I as suspected, but seemingly from Building J. Thanksgiving week Bodine will come out and continue foundation inspections for buildings L through M.  So far drains seem to be working as designed. Bodine will continue work and update Van.

Next Meeting
Annual Meeting of Marymoor Trails Homeowners
6:30PM on January 22, 2018
Morris Management, 325 118th Avenue SE, Suite #204
Bellevue, WA 98005