Elastomeric Deck Cleaning – July 23-27, 2018

Attention Residents with Elastomeric Decks
APPLIES TO UNITS: G125, G126, H128, L143, L144, L146, M147, M148, M149, M150, N152, N153, N154

During the week of July 23-27, workers will power wash and seal elastomeric decks.  Your deck needs to be completely clear of furniture, plants, BBQs, etc.

Residents need to be aware of this work and plan in advance. 

  • Cars can be blocked in by trucks.
  • Power wash debris can fall on cars parked in front of buildings.
  • Decks need to be cleared in advance and kept clear all week.


What’s being done?

  • Elastomeric decks will receive preventative maintenance. This is the deck that hangs over your garage.  This does not affect wood decks.
  • This week was chosen because the weather looks very nice, dry, and warm which makes this process as fast as possible.
  • Decks are accessed from outside – no need for workers inside your unit.
  • Only water is used for power washing. But power wash debris (water, dirt, moss) will be washed off the decks onto the ground below
  • After washing, decks will be left to dry. Afterward decks will be primed and left to cure. Finally, decks will be coated/sealed and left to cure.
  • Decks cannot be walked on or have any items placed on the surface until 24 hours after the final coating. Please leave them clear and untouched all week long.


We need your help:

  • When we must replace these decks, they cost all of us $20,000 apiece. This preventative maintenance extends deck lives for significantly less.
  • EVERYTHING must be removed — plants, potted herbs, furniture, grills. If you can’t see the gray deck surface, you need to move whatever it is.  If you have a hanging item that is not affected by power wash spray, be aware dirty water may splash up onto it.  We recommend you remove all hanging plants for safekeeping.
  • Plan ahead to access your cars and protect them from power wash spray.

We appreciate your cooperation with our summer maintenance!

Questions?  Call Tim Hollingshead at Morris Management