Summer Maintenance Progress

Here’s a quick status update for our summer maintenance projects around the community:

  • Elastomeric Deck Cleaning and Sealing
    • Most elastomeric decks from the previous announcement/list have been cleaned, sealed, and coated by now.
  • Elastomeric Deck Repairs
    • M147’s deck has a mushy corner that needs to be cut open for inspection before we can proceed. Owner has been contacted and work is queued.
    • H130’s deck is undergoing a partial-to-full rebuild this week. This is the last corner-unit elastomeric deck that doesn’t have the retrofitted support post. When it was opened up, we found some rotting and moisture ants. The deck is being rebuilt, a support post is being added, damaged railing posts are being replaced, moisture ants are getting treated, and we will keep this deck maintained in future years like the others were this year.
  • J Building Frontier Box Siding Repair
    • Frontier had come out to detach the communications box from the building a few months ago and AMG Construction quickly followed up to repair the rotten siding behind the box.
    • We have called Frontier many times since to get them to reattach the communications box and never got a response from them. They always closed the tickets “completed” without performing the work.
    • AMG opened up the box today and affixed it to the wall and sealed behind it to try to prevent moisture from rotting the siding again in the future. This item should be complete.
  • H Building Odds-and-ends
    • A homeowner in building H requested that we fix a few outdoor items near the entryway of the unit. AMG acquired materials for these repairs yesterday and should proceed with them today. This item should be complete.
  • Roof-based maintenance
    • The next round of maintenance done in the upcoming several weeks will be anything that needs to be done at roof level. This includes any siding or sealing that has to be done along the chimneys and the roof lines. It’s best to do this while it’s still warm and sunny and dry.
  • Remaining work
    • Later this summer and into the fall, possibly once the hottest and driest season is beyond us, work will continue into the other portions of the list including garage door panels, siding boards on lower walls, assorted touch-up paint spots, metal flashing near gutters, fence repair, divider repair (walls between unit decks), ventilation, and any other smaller items that don’t require nice weather. There are a large number of items on the list and we’re trying to prioritize based on weather and contractor availability. Please be patient as we continue to queue up this work.