Board of Directors Minutes – August 20, 2018

Marymoor Trails
Board of Directors Meeting
August 20, 2018

The Marymoor Trails Board of Directors meeting convened at the residence of Van Chesnutt, Unit M-147, at 6:30PM.  Attending were Michael Niksa, President; Josh Gibson, Treasurer; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management; and Van Chesnutt, Landscape.  No homeowners attended.

Treasurers Report – Josh Gibson

  • 2017 Audit is complete with no issues to report.
  • Current cash on hand is $196,755 including both reserves and checking.
  • An unanticipated item was an expenditure of $5,000 for Bldg B. Current expenses for Bldg B are $35,000.
  • We will develop the 2019 Budget at the October meeting. In lieu of a monthly fee increase for Morris Management, there will be an increase in escrow fees, refinance fees, resale fees, mortgage questionnaires – things Morris completes every time anyone sells.  Buyers and sellers will pay this increased cost, rather than the Association.  These fees have not been raised in 10 years.


Maintenance Report – Michael Niksa

  • Elastomeric decks maintenance, inspection and resealing are done. All decks are good with the exception of H-130.  H-130 is currently being rebuilt, flashing was incorrectly installed by a previous repair crew.
  • Resident has a spongy corner on an elastomeric deck – Gene will take a look at it.
  • Painting complete for the year.
  • Next round of maintenance by Gene and the AMG crew will be anything that needs to be done up on the roof – such as chimneys, flashing, vents — while roofs are dry. When rooftop work is complete, the crew will address ground level work.
  • Frontier box on Bldg J was not secured to the wall – is complete now. Frontier did not respond to calls from the resident, Tim, or Gene/AMG.  Each time Tim called Frontier he was told the work was complete, ticket had been closed.  Tim would open a new ticket and Frontier would immediately close that one, still not completing the work.  Finally done by Gene.
  • TYCO/Johnson Control did a good job with alarm inspections – spreading the work over three days worked well. Work on the final three buildings had to be rescheduled due to TYCO crew injury.
  • Only 20 out of 54 residents have signed up for email notifications. Renters and owners, please visit and sign up!


Landscape Report – Van Chesnutt

  • Davey Tree will be onsite September 14 to trim trees at 14 sites around the property, including the large pine trees in front and back of Bldg I. The pine trees are stressed due to heat, have a lot of dead wood, yellow needles, and will recover.  All work to be done at the same time – approved unanimously by the Board.  Total cost is $2,900 including tax.
  • Drainage – Bodine came out and dug up a chunk of concrete in front of #N-154. The pipe had been crushed over an approximate 5’ length and was therefore not draining correctly.  They will continue to work on this – an additional 8’ of pipe is crushed.  There will be an additional cost for this repair that was approved by the Board.
  • Bodine also got a different type of roto-rooter to get the roots out of foundation drains – it did a much better job and did not destroy the pipes.  Additional work will likely need to be done, but the pipe remained intact – savings for us.  Cost is as originally estimated — $1,500.
  • The Pest Control company we have used for mole control has not returned Van’s calls; Van will now get a different company.
  • Brown areas are appearing on lawns — sprinklers probably need to be set a few minutes longer. Subsequent to the meeting, John from our landscape company, Premiere, came out to inspect our sprinkler system.  He found some things that need to be addressed, like a cross-wiring of zones that have resulted in low water pressure.
  • Entrance sign is obscured by shadows at night, due to shadows from plants. Van will take a look at the sign at night and adjust the height of plantings, so the sign can be clearly seen.


Management Report

  • Bldg G City of Redmond Fire Inspection — Fire Marshall said a number of things needed to be changed – different individual pieces, plus technical components to be changed within the panels. TYCO says all work has been completed to pass inspection.  Fire Marshall and TYCO are scheduled to come out August 24th.   If interior access is needed to Bldg G, TYCO will contact the residents of Bldg G.


 Building B Update

  • Consulting engineer, Jehan Bharucha of Improcon, has obtained reports and recommendations from soils engineers, structural engineers and foundation repair.
  • “The amount [of settlement difference] is not typically uncommon for a large structure located directly on a slope that’s been there for 30 years…I didn’t see any signs that the slope was failing…..[T]he settlement seen in the building isn’t indicative of movement in the slope.” – Dibble Engineers
  • Repairs needed are not due to owner or HOA maintenance. “The slab on grade is cracking because it was never designed to be self-supporting, which is what it is currently doing at the moment.”  – Dibble Engineers
  • “Due to variable density and consistency of fill soils we expect that the building will continue experiencing differential settlement under the current conditions.” – Nelson Geotechnical Associates
  • “The concrete slab in B-108 is not only out of level but has been used to support the internal walls in the E-W direction…The slab has cracked severely but is somewhat held together because of the welded wire mesh. Filling the voids would not re-level the slab(s) but should help mitigate additional cracks or subsidence.”  – Jehan Bharucha.
  • Recommendations are: (1) immediately support the slab from the underside to prevent further damage; (2) “initiate monitoring of the foundation levels to confirm if the soil under the external foundation is continuing to move before determining the nature and extent of piling required”;  (3) check monitoring points every 6 months to assess movement, if any; and (4) possibly improve footing drainage.
  • Small holes will be drilled in ground floor, with a synthetic fill called “Polylevel” pumped into open spaces between fill dirt and slab. This will support the slab.  Polylevel replaces an older technique (“slabjacking” or “mudjacking”) of filling under the slab with a slurry of mud, cement, and crushed stone.  Mudjacking is cheaper but extremely heavy and does not fill small spaces as well.  Polylevel is more expensive, much lighter, non-polluting, and gets into small spaces much more easily.  In addition, Polylevel injection is less intrusive into the residence, does not require heavy equipment, and makes only small holes.
  • The Board approved contracts with Matvey Foundation Repair (Polylevel slab fill) and Sitts & Hill Engineers (monitoring).
  • Total cost for filling under slab and monitoring is approximately $10,000.
  • Jehan does not recommend pin piling at this time. Need for future pin piling to be determined by results of monitoring study.


Next Meeting:  Monday October 15 @ 6:30PM at Van’s Unit #M-147.  No September meeting.