Board of Directors Meeting — April 22, 2019

Marymoor Trails
Board of Directors Meeting
April 22, 2019

The Marymoor Trails Board of Directors met Monday April 22, 2019 at 6:30PM at the residence of Van Chesnutt, #M-147.  Attending: Michael Niksa, President; Van Chesnutt, Landscape; Josh Gibson, Treasurer; Linda O’Hara, Secretary; and Tim Hollingshead, Morris Management.

Homeowners Forum

  • A resident asked about windows replacement with possible group discount.  Right now we have no knowledge of any group planning replace windows at own expense.  This came up at annual meeting, but no owner has stepped up to coordinate.  The HOA only replaces individual window panes with broken seals right now.  Individual homeowners can replace windows at their own cost and risk. 
  • Note:  The association has no plans to replace all windows.  Doing so would be extremely costly and require a special assessment.  If such an assessment was made, everyone would owe the special assessment, regardless of whether they had previously replaced their own windows.  People who replace their own windows are betting that window replacements will not happen any time soon.  Some residents have replaced windows to address noise and thermal conductivity.  Residents wishing to replace their own windows must have advance board approval to ensure structural integrity and design conformity.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Taxes for 2018 are complete and have been sent to the IRS.  Josh reports no major expenses this past month.  Minor variances appear due to timing of insurance payments.
  • Maintenance reflects a large payment to TYCO for Bldg G new fire panel monitoring.  This is the new monthly regular service for the new panel retroactive back to November.  Panel was installed in the fall, but TYCO never billed us for monitoring at the higher monthly rate.  We also just paid TYCO for the new panel.  Next month’s financials will reflect Bldg G TYCO panel coming out of reserves.
  • Current balance as of March 31:  Operating account (checking) is $49,767.73 and reserve account (savings) is $195,966.13.  We are up $5000 over last month in total available cash, and we are up $65,000 over March of last year. 

Maintenance Report

  • Maintenance season is coming up and we will be spending our accumulated cash on projects.  Most maintenance is done in late spring and through the summer. 
  • Walk-around of the property has been postponed due to wet weather.  As soon as it clears, Michael and Gene the handyman will inspect buildings and reconcile the punch list with owner requests.  Homeowner requests received in winter may sit several months before seeing action, while we wait for it to warm up.
  • Casa Bonita is contracted for exterior painting in late May.   No firm date yet, but we will announce as soon as known.  This year we will not completely paint any one building, but rather touch-up and patch many buildings, and repaint high-exposure faces.  We budgeted $66,000 for painting, will only spend $4900.
  • Following last month’s storm drain inspection, City of Redmond is making us clean one of the drains before May 20, 2019.  A drain by Bldg A, below the vault, needs to have the pipe cleared out and re-grouted where the pipes join. Van is working to get a quote from Bodine and possiblyInnovac.  Van will advise Joe Capis at the City of Redmond this is being addressed.

Landscape Report

  • Tree trimming:  Van has been overseeing much work by Davey Tree. They trimmed tall trees where branches broke in winter storms.  We may need to have Davey come out again, as Van sees other broken branches that need to be addressed.  We are already seeing results from tree fertilizing done a few months ago.  Areas that were trimmed are starting to look nice with new growth.
  • Drainage:  Van working with Bodine to schedule drainage work in the common area between Bldgs I-J and L.  To recap, the original builder had French drains capture water between Bldgs I-J, which simply end underground above the rockery next to Bldg L. This results in a wet, muddy mess.  We put it off last year due to budgets, and it really needs to be done.  Will be less than $20,000.  April has been a very wet month, and it needs to be dry for this work to be done – will be done in May.
  • A drain access pipe was installed next to unit M150 for less than anticipated. 
  • A minor landscaping issue came up – a sprinkler pipe broke when   a resident was planting some flowers between the sidewalk and the building, and accidentally broke a small segment of PVC sprinkler pipe.  It has been repaired by Premiere Landscape. 
  • Van reports a few other bushes need to be taken out, may or may not be replaced.  Van has been talking with Premiere about replacing some sprinkler heads to manage flow more effectively.  There are apparently also new sprinkler controllers that can automatically adjust if it is raining.   We will look into this.
  • Moss removal:  Association will pressure wash all composite stone walkways and patios, as well as driveways in front of several buildings.  Total: $2000.
  • Signs on hold:  We have been asked by the sign vendor if we want to move forward on directional signs and new building letters and unit numbers. To take this next step, we would have to pay them $2500 to draw up proposals.  They want money before doing drawings, but we don’t know if we want to buy it until we see it.  Board moves to postpone this for at least another month – we have our hands full with landscaping and maintenance.

Management Report

  • Improcon monitoring of Bldg B is ongoing – nothing to report.
  • Reserve study information being submitted by Tim, with our projections of major projects, our 2019 budget, and our anticipated balance at the end of the year. 
  • Borrowing amendment passed with over 62% of the vote.  Required 60% to pass.  Next step:  The attorney records the amendment as part of our declaration.  This amendment will give an extra option for payment in the event of a special assessment.  Under Washington law, in the event the Board were to recommend any special assessment, the association is required to have a special meeting to allow homeowners to vote on it; unless voted down by 51% of owners, it is passed.
  • New web feature from Morris Management offers a confidential portal for individual homeowners to see information relevant to their unit.  Examples of such include dues, mortgage lending fees, escrow fees, transfer fees.  Access to this portal for all homeowners will be covered at association expense –$180 for every owner in the entire association to gain portal access for the year.  The Board unanimously votes yes.  We will share information on the web portal when it is set up. 

Next meeting:  Monday May 20, 2019 at the residence of Linda O’Hara, Unit #133